Shot on my Arri Alexa 35 with a Cooke 18-100mm Varotal Lens Arri Rental with G&E provided by Cinelease with extra support from Ontario Camera.

Client: Sport Chek
Agency: FGL/CanTire
ProdCo: The Co-Lab
EP: Shannon Baxter
EP: Stephanie Mill

Director: Sean Cartwright
DP: Grant Cooper
1st AC: Eric Schweiger
Key Grip: Vitaliy Novikov
Gaffer: Timur Aliev
Stream Tech: Keith Brown
Photographer: Ben Marra
Dici Tech: Paolo Criptante
Photo Assist: Marc Santos
PA: Lauren Forsythe

Wardrobe + Art: Chad Burton
Wardrobe + Art Assist: Candy Sai
Hair Key: Justin German
Hair Assist: Ryan McGovern
Makeup Key: Brittany Sinclair
Makeup Assist: Jordan Giang

Studio: MOOI