A Blackfoot man is trying to save his culture's connection to horses. But he's doing it in a wholly unique way.
Director: Brett Ferster
Producers: The Light Factory, Brett Connors, Meghan Westelmajer
Executive Producer: Patrick Provost
Director of Photography: Grant Cooper
Additional Photography: The Light Factory
Editors: Brett Ferster & Brett Connors
Sound Mix & Design: Paul Du Toit Schreve, The Beach Audio
Thank You: Patrick Provost, Ty Provost, Jeremy Fokkens, Dave Imbach, Mandy Stobo
“Still Life” by Michael FX
“Points North” by Ben Winwood
“But as the Radiance Left Your Eyes” by The Soundkeeper
Copyright 2018 - The Light Factory Ltd.
Produced with the support of Telus / Storyhive.
Check out the 360 sister-piece to this project: youtube.com/watch?v=PKp6McAd0t8
Shot on Canon C200 with Sigma Art lenses.